What is WAFMA

WAFMA (Walpole Antique Farm Machinery Association) is a group of 70+ volunteers working to restore, maintain and establish a permanent educational and historical site about the rich agricultural history of the Walpole region.


Our organization was founded in July 1994 and we became incorporated April 27th, 2001. We created this association in order to preserve our past and together as volunteers to educate the public and a new generation of young people. We believe that our heritage and rural roots are an important part of our community. The history of Canadian Agriculture is fascinating and shows the hard work that our ancestors accomplished and the progress that we have made over the years.

We have purchased a piece of property south of Jarvis on #6 Highway adjacent to the Jarvis Lions community Park. We have been able to restore a century old (Vintage 1910) steel frame bridge which is on display over a ditch on the property and which was donated by the City of Nanticoke. Trees were planted in memory of deceased members and a green park area has been developed to provide a country setting.

We have acquired two buildings. A 2nd floor was installed in the west end of the 40x80 building by sawing our own floor joists from donated logs and a donated sawmill. A 29x42 shed in Burlington was purchased, dismantled, moved and reassembled to it's current site on our property to be used as a Heritage Building. A new cement floor was poured, windows, insulation and interior walls where installed and artifacts were hung. Electricity was installed in order to display our equipment. We also installed water, sewer and washroom facilities to provide permanent facilities for the public and our members at our demonstrations, displays and meetings.

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